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TIPS FROM MARUDIS - For easy living..

TO SIMPLIFY CLUTTER...If you're living with someone, here's a tip to help you feel you have some space for your own. Just as everyone has a secret part of themselves, so should your physical self.

Find a space of your own, whether its a room, a garage, or even a drawer. Keep whatever you want in it, in any order or disorder as you please. To create a sense of your own free space. "Trust me", this tip has saved many relationships.

Organizers assist you in making your vision a reality. A professional Organizer will not take control of your space but show you avenues to reach your goals. Often people say "Wow, it's amazing how you do that... find that...know that" I say - everyone has a talent, a specialty - one niche, from a professional skier to a physiologist. Ours just happens to be simplifying people's lives. 

If we just do what we do best, we increase productivity not only in ourselves, but the world we live in. Happy to report, I found mine. Looking forward to meeting you!

Marudis Tip #84
When at work Place everything you need within arms' reach at your desk. If you have to get up for something, it's time consuming and distracting.

Marudis Tip #35
If you want to rapid-feng-shui your office, it's sometimes as simple as moving your desk. Remember, your back should never face the doorway. 

Marudis Tip #12
Clutter is not a character flaw. It might be that you're just too busy...You have more important things to do, or you just don't know where to begin.

Marudis Tip #11
When listening to phone messages, write them down immediately. Then erase from your machine this will save you a lot of time.


Courtesy: New York Newsday

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Tracking Possessions
After 27 years as a Professional Organizer, I have many ideas and have seen a lot. You might say I am a "Grand-Mommy of Organizing". Allow me to share:

When paying client's bills, we know to jot down the date, check#, and amount on the slip. What about when a client purchases a phone, a humidifier, or any tangible item which has a warranty? Some items are guaranteed for up to five years. Keeping track can be time-consuming -- sometimes even a dead end!

Time -Saver: label bottom of product with place of purchase, length of warranty, method of payment, date and amount. If you need to repair item, finding the packing slip and or/ original receipt from 2001 will be as simple as flipping the item over.

                                                                       Eleni O. Marudis, uName It Organizers